Saturday, January 24, 2009


So who are these adorable 4 year olds and how did they meet? On the left is Carsen Quintero and on the right is Kylie Furgeson. They met because two of your Soroptimist Sisters have become really "good" friends after meeting at Club and having a mutual friend; Florance Soares-Dabalos who is also a Club member! So who is Grama Jay and Nana? See below...
"Nana" is also none as Jennifer O'Rourke and "Grama Jay" is Jeanette Summers. We could hardly wait for these precious grand-daughters of ours to meet. We had each been telling them about the other for months and each had a photo of the other! Carsen was so cute; when I 1st told her about Kylie she asked me if she was already her friend, and I said of course; because you are my friend and I have been telling Kylie all about you and how wonderful you are! Mean while Kylie would ask me about Carsen and how far she lived from her house; I told her it was really close to my house, but she had no clue what that meant! Kylie lives in Orange Co and doesn't yet grasp the concept of how far Chico is; she didn't understand on my visits down there why she couldn't she Carsen!. The day after Thanksgiving the girls finally got to meet and true to Soroptimist style "hit it right off"! We headed over to Emma Wilson School for a few hours of play time. Don't know if we grandma's or the girls had more fun?
Carsen and Kylie look like they will make excellent Soroptimists one day! They have already learned one of the most valuable things in life; no matter who you are, where you come from, what your belief's are can get together can have fun and unite for the betterment of all women and children in the World. I am so proud of these sweet young ladies! And NO, we didn't coach them to hold hands and walk together...they did it all on their own! FRIENDS FOREVER :) Submitted by Jeanette Summers

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