Sunday, January 25, 2009


OK, really this was my very first "Polar Bear" swim! This photo was taken on Jan. 2, 2009 at 11:00 am in 42 degree weather. You can see our BBQ area is all buckled down for the cold, rainy I'm not making this up! I have always wanted to DO the "Polar Bear" swim at One Mile in Bidwell Park. But over the years, something just seemed to get in the way. This year I stayed up way too late at a friend's New Year's Eve party and NO I was not drinking & hung over. I just ended up sleeping in and when I got up realized I wouldn't have time to get to the park to join the gang for the swim. I was REALLY bummed...but decided I would just have to wait one more year.
But then on the morning of the 2nd before Earl went to the gym, I suddenly thought..I CAN do this right here in my backyard! I don't need all of Chico cheering me on, just myself to prove I can do something new and thrilling just for me! So I told Earl to grab the camera; the kids would never believe I actually did it! So I dove in and did two laps, not knowing what the water temp. was; later we checked was also 42 degrees. But WOW, it really felt GREAT!!! This is something I suggest doing much more often to really get the blood pumping!
So alright....I know I look like a wet DOG! LOL....Anyway, I am looking for anyone who wants to join me for a weekly swim or so in the Park or my pool??? Just call me crazy.......Jeanette Summers
OK Rene'...I posted it :)

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